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Death: displeasure of all pleasures and pleasure of all displeasures – The Triangle Space
Fiza Memon
Death: displeasure of all pleasures and pleasure of all displeasures

Death: displeasure of all pleasures and pleasure of all displeasures


 One life where you only live once ends on a lifetime. What next? Recently lost my dearest advocate, my supremely inspiring beloved, I realized that I wasn’t sad, I hardly cried for her absence, yes I cried, cried more, often, when I saw her suffering, each day, every day, every passing day. More because she always stood patient. It wasn’t only inspiring but agonizing over how could someone stay so calm and quiet yet suffer colossally. She remains my inspiration because she passed the test called life. She passed the worst test to deserve the best rewards that await ahead in the gargantuan glory of God.


 Her hair was infinite strands and her care on them was worth it. She said goodbyes to her hair in silence. She accepted the destiny of deceit with pride. She remained in her composure to keep the atmosphere conducive. There, I realized, it’s almost always in your hands how surroundings should treat you. I realized through her that you control much of the internal, external would, either way, take its toll, let it, but you not.


 The world tells you to project your worries, speak out, bombard but when you feed soul the behavior it would exude more of it. When you suppress much, it will take care of you, silence you, and calm you. Not all need to be heard, some must be kept, treasured, reasoned, to be rewarded later.


 Amazing are the affairs of the karmic world, you give out the good to receive good; you get the worst, and it diminishes there.


 Thanking my inspiration for teaching me the wisdom through life, sharing with her the gratitude and joy is something I’ll cherish for history ahead of me until then we meet hoping for the finest union. Awaiting the beautiful journey of death, not wishing, but embracing its idea like a warrior, unlike a nitpicking escapist.

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