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To unlearn is to learn. – The Triangle Space

To unlearn is to learn.

Fiza Memon
To unlearn is to learn.

To unlearn is to learn.


 Growing up practicing perfection, perfection wasn’t achieved rather discovered that life is too short to attain perfection at each level. Attaining perfection will always make the pace so slow that even the horse would lose the marathon. Part of learning is to learn to get things done, because most often than not, you’re rewarded for getting things done, not to do them at best.


 The world requires different aptitudes at every stage, not everyone is meant to go through the roads less traveled. Most ordinary and extraordinary ultimately have the same purpose, the purpose of living and learning just to die one day. To learn is to habituate, not master. To wait for perfection is to wait for the doomsday.


 On a saddle to hit the journey, my skill on attention to detail taught me that majorly all the work was done and suddenly some were rewarded. It’s the candid work that wins for most and it is indeed beautifully described by Dr. Merete Wedell in her book Battle Mind that why do some people learn and perform under pressure and most don’t.


 While the world is busy hoarding achievements, tangible or intangible, going with the flow is the most underrated seldom feigned as it goes to show the grateful aptitude one has for life.


 The uneasiness in the soul and the restlessness of the spirit inside leave the body uncomfortable and anxious. Growing up, no one lauded and appreciated mediocrity, and today, we only want it. We are in short, constantly trying to maintain equanimity amidst extremity.  Not our fault, the repetitive projection, and exaggeration in the digital media feed us to revolutionize perpetually although, humans, in their entirety, evolve. The misleadingly misconstrued approaches keep the souls misled, restless, limitless. Humans will have to learn to unlearn, they need to not be misled, restless, and limitless and in it, they need to inferentially verify, rest more, and realize and appreciate limitations. These define the beauty of humans and remembering once again that humans are, by default, in their faculty, not absolute.



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