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Mental health matters – Rudaina Soomro – The Triangle Space
Mental health matters – Rudaina Soomro

Mental health matters – Rudaina Soomro


        As human beings, so many things can become so normal while the most important aspects aren’t talked about enough; that being our mental health.


        In past societies, the subject of mental health wasn’t looked upon enough but it was still something everyone has to deal with. Mental health may seem invisible, but it is serious and affects everyone. In today’s society, people are much more open and there are many helpful resources that can help you in hard times.


        As a human beings, we each individually face different events that may impact our lives for the best or for the worse. Mental health is a “state of well-being” where we figure out our own abilities and find ways in order to cope with the stresses brought upon us. When the global pandemic hit the world, no one felt prepared to be in isolation. Many citizens of the world were brought unfortunate news of their loved ones passing, some were suffering silently with no bonds to others and some were not able to be as strong as they believed they were. Our mental health is simply as important as any organ in our body. When we as humans face a rough day, our brains will become conflicted over all the things we need to get done, the deadlines we need to meet, and the numerous bills to pay. But although we still are finding time to sleep and eat, what we don’t realize is the worst effect a stressful life has on our mental health. When we are able to step away from reality and find inner peace, we have more control over our life. When we are able to be open with others about our problems, then are we able to find solutions.


        What we fail to realize is that everyone is going through separate battles that we should never ever judge whatsoever. If we see someone who may seem fine on the outside, they may be suffering horribly while they are alone, and as a member of your community, do the deed and check up on your friends, your family, colleagues, and classmates. When we often ask about the well-being of others, you are helping relieve the stress that they may be burdened with. Even though we may not realize it, you bring upon so much relief to that individual, and they can become more open to you and it will be a life-saver to that person knowing they have someone to rely on.


        For every individual, there are so many ways to cope when dealing with mental health illnesses like depression or anxiety. The most important concept of mental health should be to never be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust. By doing so, you can receive proper advice and help to depend on your situation. For some, writing in their journal can be helpful, or listening to music. Some like to bake or cry out their feelings and emotions. Make sure that your coping method is safe and harm-free, then whatever works for you is the best for you.


        Mental health is still deemed as something that shouldn’t be talked about but in reality, it should be talked about all the time. We should never assume that one doesn’t struggle mentally because every single human has their own issues that they need to find ways to cope with. So if we can be kind enough to help them through a tough time, we have improved someone’s well-being for the better. Your mental health matters, as well as everyone else’s. If you are ever feeling low, having a bad day, and beginning to have negative thoughts, please reach out to the hotlines available in your region and do research on resources that are available to help you cope.

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