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Deconstructing Colonialism By Shoukat Lohar – The Triangle Space
Shoukat Lohar

Deconstructing Colonialism

By: Shoukat Lohar.


“The writer is an assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. He is a freelance columnist and short story writer. He can be reached at”


Colonialism is an illegal occupation of any piece of land, resource, and property. The occupant is called ‘colonizer’ and occupied ‘the colonized’. There are terms regarding colonialism used to understand fully this paradox word. Like colonialism, postcolonialism, de colonialism, and re colonialism.

The oppressors who with their shrewd mindset have been trying to colonize the world with power and authority, they have been treating the oppressed or conquered people with unspeakable atrocities and brutalities.          


Numerous records of inhuman situations have been reported on the planet earth. No animal has been as dangerous to the human being as the man himself. He has tortured, killed fellow men ceaselessly.

In the beginning, when civilizations were not formed, people were used to living in the form of groups. Their sheer work was to hunt or collect food and drinks and again go for this task. For a collection of food, they have to fight with nature with small instruments or semi-weapons made out of rock or baked clay. That era was known as Stone Age.


Gradually human beings developed and started living alongside rivers. For the first time, women sowed the seeds and the ideas of agriculture began. She saw the seeds fallen down on damp soil and due to heavy rain or water crossing the seeding grew. At that time the groups were known by the leader and the leader was women. These groups grew and disappeared. This was an unending process. No source was available to transfer the knowledge from one generation to another one.

Later on, the civilizations were come into the form: The Sumeria nearby Iraq, the Babylonian, the Indus civilization, etc.

At this stage, the man snatched the leadership from women and started perpetuation of the weaker or vulnerable. The weaker were oppressed, tortured, and enslaved. It followed the dark age of human slavery whose new form is available right now with a modern explanation. However, the difference in the past and present slavery is that, there was no any rule or wage was determined in past but now there is some chunk of remuneration as reinforcement.


If we look at the pages of history, we come to know how the ignoble example of colonialism was set. Firstly the missionary delegations were sent to the rich and resourceful countries. They spied for their masters and let them know all about the periphery they travel or live in.

In this way, the colonial master easily could come and usurp, kill and distort the indigenous identities and rename and reclaim the states, countries, etc.

We are acquainted only with the Britishers as colonizers. However, there are numerous examples in history that can be cited for the multi colonialism of all the powerful and chivalry empowered tribes or nations.

Portuguese, French, Dutch, Normans, Arians, and Arabs equally colonized the territorial land, people, and resources of the powerless and weaker neighboring countries. China remained the tormentor of Japan while Americans remained enslaved by the Britishers. Greece, Iran, and other countries can be quoted as colonizers.


English colonialism at a glance:


English started the occupation of Americans and present Africa and Hattie. They came to the subcontinent colonized India and called it British India.

According to Shahi Thro “when Britishers occupied India it was the richest country on the earth, richer than any other country in resources, well literate and prosperous.  But when Britishers left India, India was the poorest country on the earth having a GDP of less than 27 percent, life expectancy, poverty, hunger, diseases, famine, and unending problems.

Great Britain established the new Virginia Company what is now the USA. They shipped the slaves from African countries because they were cheaper than any other. English ruled the world and the sun never set on the British empire. The Britishers exploited the resources of the oppressed countries and shipped them to Queen Hood.


This is one of the reasons why Africans and Asians having rich resources are perceived as ignorant, ignoble, Beastly people. Who actually was the best? It was in the white skin as said by the great writer of orientalism Edward W said. He, for the first time, used the word ‘occident’ for the west and ‘orient’ for the east. Said was of the opinion that the west retains a peculiar mindset for eastern people as cruel and Brutal etc.  However, brutality is available everywhere in different forms.


After the huge loot and plunder of the oppressed, the oppressor started leaving their colonies.

They settled two types of colonies: ruled and settled. Australia, New Zealand, Canada are the kind of settled colonies while the Caribbean, Africans, and Indians were the ruled colonies.


The post-colonial times:


The Britishers looted and plundered the colonial states at their height. But afterward, they left a legacy that is still doing the same thing, the way Great Britain did. This form is worsening than the direct colonialism. The Feudal, fiefdoms who were clients of the British Raj now turned as the greatest oppressors to their own land peasants and weaker people.


They owned uncountable wealth, land, and resources from the colonial masters now started another unending Colonialism.


In post-colonial influence, our culture, literature, and texts have also teemed.

Oppressed people with inerasable marks on their minds started remembering their justice, equity, and equality system which in reality was an illusion.


The colonial masters constructed canals, spread railway tracks to traffic the raw material and goods to make them rich. However, these symbolic facilities were justified as a common good.



Many enlightened people denounced the British occupation in the world and started movements for emancipation. Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o- an Africa writer, wrote about the colonial masters who left marks on the minds of indigenous people.


The most affected entity of the colonized was language – the apparent reality of people.  The Britishers established fort  William college in Kolkata to understand the available content, languages of colonized. Lord Macklay’s minutes were enforced as the sacred documents proved the development and progress of British India. In this way, the symbolic identity of the oppressed was disappeared.


Our indigenous languages were rich and great, not any way less than the English language but these were brandished as languages of ignorance, having no attraction, having no right to exist.  English was represented as the language of pomp and show, wisdom and knowledge, royalty and imperialism. This was the very idea of otherizing.


They established schools. And for employability English was the only license. In post-colonial countries, the plight is the same. Still English is the medium of instruction in central superior services in our dear homeland even Urdu as the national language of the country.

(Rehman 2011) maintains ‘Independence was shifted from Great Britain to the elitism that’s why English and Urdu are enjoying the status of communication. Even having numerous indigenous languages, the books taught at 0 and A levels have not included a single reference on British colonialism.  They are prepared to rule, to be savior, to be a Godot of their oppressed and downtrodden masses. In reality, the case is different they are offspring of the then company Sarkar(east India company).  They exploited the resources and in the name of facilities gave a meager return to society and called it corporate responsibility.


The McDonaldization of the world is the refreshed form of recolonization which we call the real style of living but that’s absolutely wrong. For the establishment of consumerism and indoctrination of specific elitism, they come with such slogans.

It’s a clientele relationship of populism that never ends until the oppressed or colonized end.


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