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SHEIKH AYAZ: THE voice of thirsty peacocks! Shoukat Lohar. – The Triangle Space

Shoukat Lohar Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro.

SHEIKH AYAZ: THE voice of thirsty peacocks!

Shoukat Lohar.

It’s undoubtedly a universal truth and undying reality that human thought, feelings, and reactions are preserved in a form that is well known as literature. But maybe wrong it’s our unfortunate to grossly misunderstand literature. We think literature is something which read because of intoxication of brains nothing else. Otherwise, we take it for granted as time passes. When we studied at the University of Sindh during the days of masters in literature many of our friends faced difficulty while understanding Roseau and Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles, reason was clear that they didn’t have any interest in literature except passing papers.

For many of us colossally faced impediment Matthew Arnold Culture & Anarchy. However, those were green days for all the fellows and others. May those kinds of days come again ah! But a dream of fools.

As W.H Hudson maintains that the general history is the history of the minds of the people while literary history is the real history of human hearts. That’s why a piece of recreation or didacticism that has a lasting impact and impression is called literature.

Literature is a mirror in which we can see our own reflections stigmatized and distinguishably beautiful. Literature is a criticism of life. What’s happening around, an artist depicts in his/her art in such a way that piece of art becomes the identity of him/ her.

World literature is full of such great literary giants whose wit, wisdom, vigilance, and vows realize even to enemies of theirs prowess of creativity and fragrance of work.

Why do we still remember Goethe, Kazantzakis, Tagore, Shakespeare, Milton, Mir, Galib, Shah Latif? Because of their erasable rosy marks upon the hearts of people.

Literature has three important fields of expression i.e. poetry, drama, fiction. All are the outlet of expression. What the writer feels and is hammered by, he/she reflects in its expression. Once the renowned Pakistani folk singer Attaullah Eisakhelvi was asked in an interview why do you sing very sad songs”? He replied,” what I was given by the world I have returned in double”.

Sindh is the rich cultural heritage of fragrances of literature, art, and music. All the laborers of the pen have tried their hard to lessen the human pain and pathos.

Among them, the last century has been much highlighted. The name of the great poet Sheikh Ayaz is undeniably one of the great names after Shah Abdul Latif.

Sheikh Ayaz was born at Shikarpur the city once known as the citadel for trade and business. Later he shifted to Sukkur and Karachi. Professionally he was a lawyer of excellence. But he echoed in human history by his hooking expression of poetry and prose equally. He wrote almost all the genera of poetry. Not only this but he introduced new and novice expressions to Sindhi poetry. He realized many genera from the shackles of Persian. He sang the songs of thirsty peacocks and became the mouthpiece of helplessness.

In the time of cholera The General Zia Ul Haq- the then-dictator, Sheikh Aya’s poetry lit the lamps of hope and love. He was a rebel with an uncompromising temperament. Sheikh Ayaz’s poetry is the documents of Sindhi people in particular and all mankind in general.

Sheik Ayaz was a great voracious reader and had command over half a dozen languages. Sindhi, Urdu, English, and Persian except for many indigenous dialects.

He saw the success of his poetry and was honored as one of the great read poets in his lifetime. People were attracted to his poetry from honey bees to sunflowers.

He has more than seventy books published to his credit and translation of great Shah Abdul Latif poetry into Urdu. He was a poet, story writer, journalist, and much more.

We are lucky enough to be bestowed with such a great poet in our Sindhi language.

Sheikh Ayaz’s poetry needs discovery and discourse. Our youth need to read Ayaz as much as possible. Because Ayaz has made language invulnerable and invincible through his lofty expression.

Due to the decline in our education system, we are deprived of good educational academia’s that’s one of the reasons that the reading habit is becoming extinct like pandas day by day. We must work to revive the reading habits amongst us.

Except for all sheikh Ayaz has written three masterpieces in the form of operas. The death of Dodo Soomro, Dacoits of the fort of Rani, and Bhagat Singh’s gallows. These are evidence of his greatness as a poet par excellence.                                           

. A variety of programs are exhibited.  Due to the lack of proper space, the multitude gets frustrated to pay tribute to their great legendary voice of oppressed Sindh. 

It’s suggested that festivals in the time of this utterly exhausted and disappointed time are like a breezy bunch,  however,  Sheikh Ayaz fought against one unit and other Martial laws.  He must not be confined to consumerism. It’s need of the time we must get his books to read them and spread his message internationally. We must be aware of our youth and children about the culmination of sheik Ayaz,s poetry. But actually, we who remember this great poet we send our children to Private schools where speaking the Sindhi language is banned.!  Least we can do is that we demand these schools start Sindhi language subject as our youth must know our true heroes. Also, demand from Tex curricula and policymakers to include the poetry of sheik Ayaz and let the new generation know about the greatness of this great poet of the world.

Every year the occurrence of such activities is a sign of liveliness and healthy society but I’ve been observing the same stale face chatting same repeated talks and sessions.  We need English translations of sheikh Ayaz,  we need the epics of sheikh Ayaz to be recorded in other languages. Finally, the throng of people come across Sindh to witness this festival an unfortunate thing is that they don’t find an honorable sitting place and get frustrated.  The management of the festival understands this phenomenon.

Finally,  it’s suggested that the young readers and intellectuals should be given the opportunity and letting their voices vent about the poetry or any sphere of life of Sheikh Ayaz.

In the days of December we feel artistic so let us feel it with Ayaz.

Activities pertaining to culture, language, and literature be given a frequent space.  In this way, we can reduce the elements of extremism and intolerance from our deadening society.


Shoukat Lohar

Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro.



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