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Sense of Security Aijaz Ali Mangi – The Triangle Space
Sense of Security Aijaz Ali Mangi

The sense of security comes when the guilty receive the punishment prescribed in the law. The sense of security among the people vanishes, when the state engages with the violent mobs and surrenders. Tehrik Labaik Pakistan(TLP) is on such an example, where the previously proscribed organization was emboldened by giving them big concessions to end their violence. The violence, they incurred upon the property and masses went unaccounted for. History will surely punish us for these actions. When laws of the state are put into silence to address the narrow-vision gains then the future prepares himself to give severe punishment.

After the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in December 1979, the artificial fear was created among the Pakistanis that USSR will come to the holy land after the warm waters. Tagging them infidels, holy war was declared to be waged in Afghanistan. Thousands of young men are recruited for Jihad in Afghanistan. They used to be called Mujahedeen. World powers were behind this, billions of dollars were poured into the war. What happened later is the history, well known and well documented.

In this all series, the Braveli sect felt isolated. The sects involved and sponsored in the Afghan Jihad were the Deobandi and their like-minded. The Sufi inclined Bravelis were thought to be peaceful and in harmony with the culture of the land. These were more eager to come in limelight but failed to receive the attention. The disassociated group received some interest when Muttahida Majlis–e–Amal (MMA) a political alliance of right-wing parties was formed in 2002. The alliance was formed to oppose the Musharaf rule and to support the Afghan war in the post 9/11 scenario.   Shah Ahmad Noorani was the founder president of the MMA.

The inception of the TLP and its violent activities and begging the large number of votes provided them a space. The emergence of the TLP is said to be neutralizing Deobandi outfits engaged in the Afghan Jihad, but the project failed. Braves were thought to be a peaceful sect before they demonstrated violence in sit-ins. Their history and linkages with the shrines were taken mistakenly. It was thought that labeling themselves to be Sufis, this sect will neutralize the extremist groups and bring some solace for the state.

This was a big miscalculation, when power is given without check, it is misused and this is the case with TLP. The latest episode of the march towards Islamabad is another round of the Government’s failure to establish the writ of the state. When Governments fail to establish their writ. It brings a sense of insecurity among the masses.

The government is established to act swiftly and decisively when the life and property of the public are endangered by violent mobs, they are not engaged in talks to accept their demands. Proscribed organizations and banned moments are never given opportunities for negotiations, until and unless they go peaceful. The way banned outfits are treated and negotiated is a way of surrendering before the violence. When governments don’t give a befitting response to terrorism, it burgeons, emboldens, and tarnishes the image of the state.

Whether it is TLP or other organizations, they must be treated according to the law of the land. We have well-established institutions and professional law enforcement agencies to tackle the issues. Empowerment given to law brings peace, a sense of security, and stability in the country. We must uphold the rule of the law.

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