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Charity Exposes the Faultline of the Culture Fiza Memon – The Triangle Space

Student of MBA NUST

Charity Exposes the Faultline of the Culture

A country that thrives on charity is nothing but a cultural Faultline. There are so many forms of charity and all those happen to go on various levels. From a third world surviving on aids granted under structural adjustment programs SAPs to local non-governmental organizations NGOs supporting the poverty-stricken individuals. Despite all the more support, it is seen through statistical data that poverty has but increased manifold. The question arises as to why we think that having more of these programs will bring prosperity when they only make the lazy lazier and poor poorer. In the past, it has taken away the incentive to work hard and these programs come at a cost. First, these programs come through tax-payers tax-imposed incomes– while the third world cries on lofty tax rates– the first world like the United States and France is already contributing approximately 40% of their pay to the exchequer. They hold the right to interrogate their governments on the twin institutions busy providing the tattered world a never-ending list of bailout programs. Although confessed by an economic hitman in the book ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ that these institutions are designed to keep their world a core at the cost of peripheries and semi peripheries. It is to their advantage is why most of the world is bearing their brunt. Second, it is weakening the edifice of developing and least-developed states in terms of institutions and work ethic. Last, although absolute equality has never existed in the most ethical systems, but the sheer inequality is what we see as a result of greed, gluttony, skullduggery, a world of chaos, war, and destruction. Today, most international relations are based on economic interests. Money has become the religion of modern-day capitalism and even the communists realized that this is the only way to aggrandize their imperialist goals. Capitalism is another name for an outmoded Briton’s mercantilism. The goals are the same, however, the approach has to fit recent times. Even these times have called for the crisis.

Coming towards the local approach and individual charity, the local NGOs have taken the charge of governments to provide money, spread vocational skills and expertise to equip marginalized segments to take charge of their lives. With few, it brought more predilection for work and get work; with others, it took away the little enthusiasm they had. Free work and free money became their prerogative in the name of right. Sad state of situation how Pakistan’s government thought no other way but to distribute more money under Ehsaas and Benazir Income Support Program. When shortlisted, many names were cut short of the grant, they complained over their names were no longer entitled to the amount when in reality, grants are but a short-lived support. Another problem that arose later was to explain to the uneducated employed that these grants weren’t a lifetime cushion to lean on but an aid to stand again. Charity, largely around the globe, has only spoilt the aptitude rather than uplifted it. Charity, how humbling is the word, is, in fact, a harsh spit on the world that wishes to maintain the standards of equilibrium and justice.

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